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Ashley, 1st grade teacher

Shannon, K teacher

Roxann, Literacy Instructional Coach

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After observing Dede Pinson teach a first grade lesson using “Tiles”, I said, “Where is the manual for this strategy? Other teachers need to know about “Tiles!”
I’m so glad Dede and Stephanie have created a step by step program for teachers to use in their classrooms. Their initiative to instruct young learners in phonemic awareness and phonics skills will revolutionize early reading and writing instruction in schools across the country.
~ Brad Schreiner, Principal, Hendersonville, TN

Tapping Out With Tiles is one of the greatest teaching tools to come into my classroom during my 20 years of teaching. By teaching students to pay attention to the position of their mouth when making letter sounds while at the same time tapping out words and moving manipulatives, learners are mastering the skills of reading and spelling at an amazing rate. Student of all levels, including my non-English speakers, have shown tremendous growth in just a few weeks of using the program.
~Roxann Krautkramer, Instructional Coach, Coppell, TX

I have taught kindergarten for 16 years and have been using the Tapping Out With Tiles manipulatives for the last 10 years. It is a hands-on approach that helps students with letter identification, sound identification, sound placement, decoding and spelling. It should be used in every kindergarten classroom.
~Candy Arwood, Kindergarten Teacher, Hendersonville, TN

Tapping Out With Tiles has carried over into every part of our day in first grade. Hardly a day goes by when a student does not reference one of our tiles or rules from our Tapping Out With Tiles lessons. During my guided reading groups, students will stop to share that they found a word with that silent e or one that has an –ed that says /t/. They show excitement for learning and confidence, by sharing what they have discovered. It is evident that this program is improving student skills in phonics, spelling, reading and writing, which is used in all subject areas.
~ Allison Brooks, First Grade Teacher, Frisco, TX

Let me start first by saying I am a HUGE fan of this program and I am seeing great results. I started the program the second day of school and have been using each and every day since. I have 19 students in class full time who use this program regularly and all but 3 of those students have benchmarked both times. I feel that compared to last year this is a BIG difference. I am very thankful for this program and how it is helping my first graders read, spell, and write. Thank you Dede and Stephanie for helping my first graders reach their goals!!!
~Vicki Webster, First Grade Teacher, Portland, TN

Tapping Out With Tiles has been a great program that my team implemented this year. I have loved seeing the kids take charge and “tap” out their words in reading, writing, and spelling. It has carried over into the other subjects which is amazing. Thanks Tapping Out With Tiles!
~Kristie Bonn, First Grade Teacher, Frisco, TX

The Tapping Out With Tiles program has been just what we needed for a phonetic/spelling curriculum! It has been amazing watching the students transfer Tapping Out With Tiles spelling knowledge into their everyday writing process. Parents have shared that they have noticed “tapping” at home as well, as their children use it to support their spelling in writing. We have been excited to spread the word in our district about Tapping Out With Tiles and how it works!
~Kim Spence, First Grade Teacher, Coppell, TX

I have been a kindergarten and first grade teacher for many years. I have never seen my students make the progress my current students have made in spelling. It’s not even halfway through the school year and my students are already able to spell words with blends, digraphs and long and short vowels correctly. The daily repetition of sounds has also been very beneficial for my ELL students.
~Bonnie Baker, First Grade Teacher, Coppell, TX

My favorite part of Tapping Out With Tiles occurs after the lesson has been delivered. I see learners ‘tapping’ out the letter sounds in the air when they are spelling words in their everyday writing.
~Chantel Kastrounis, Principal, Coppell, TX

Mrs. Pinson used Tapping Out With Tiles in my first-grade class. The program developed a strong foundation in spelling rules, word formation, and reading. I believe that Mrs. Pinson’s teachings helped me develop a keen interest in reading and orthography.
~Jonathan Caldwell, 19th place in the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee

“I have loved implementing Tapping Out With Tiles in my classroom this year! The students love the hands-on aspect of having their own tiles and board to manipulate during the lessons. This helps keep them engaged and focused. As the teacher, I love how the lessons and phonics rules are so clearly written out- it helps me to know that I am doing the right thing for my students’ spelling and reading development. I have seen growth in these first months of school that didn’t see through an entire school year with other programs! I look forward to seeing their success continue.”
~Kristi Walsh, First Grade Teacher, Coppell, TX

In second grade, I enrolled at Merrol Hyde and was failing class. I would go to Mrs. Pinson’s phonics lessons everyday during school, and special lessons after school for my spelling. By the end of second grade, I was getting A’s. I am currently a Junior at Merrol Hyde Magnet School and have kept a 4.0 since 7th grade.
~Lauren Heinrich, Student, Hendersonville, TN

In 2nd grade my daughter transferred to a magnet school. She had met the acceptance criteria 2 years before on a verbal test for kindergartners. Once she began attending in 2nd grade due to a waiting list, she had great difficulty reading at the level of her peers that had been taught using Mrs. Pinson’s phonics method. Her weekly spelling words copied from the board were unrecognizable due to so many spelling errors.

She was diagnosed with dyslexia through private testing, however, did not meet the criteria for this diagnosis in the school system. She was struggling in several subjects. I was sure she would not be returning to the magnet school the next fall.

Lauren began tutoring with Mrs. Pinson. I agreed to be present and active in sessions for follow through at home. She also began vision therapy and practice to improve her short term memory. We would truly work an average of 3-4 hours on school nights and extra on weekends. By 3rd grade I was able to back off to a consultant role for her schoolwork and by 4th grade she was independent.

Mrs. Pinson’s phonics teaching method included a kinesthetic component that was crucial for Lauren to develop the ability to spell and sound out words to read and comprehend school assignments. She was taught to feel how letters sound different, for example “s” is produced in your mouth but “z” is felt in your throat. She was taught to practice spelling using tiles which gave her the important tactile and spatial components she needed to learn.

Lauren immediately made gains in spelling. Reading and comprehension improvements were apparent in 3 months. She still reads relatively slower than her peers at the magnet school but her comprehension skills are equal as evidenced by her 4.0 since 7th grade. She is now a sophomore in High School.

I believe Mrs. Pinson’s phonics tutoring was the foundation and the most important element of Lauren ”cracking her reading code”. This has allowed her to be successful in school enabling her to pursue her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. If more teachers and parents utilized this method to teach children how to read we would have more children able to read.
~Leslie Heinrich, Mom and Physical Therapist