What is Tapping Out with Tiles?

Tapping Out With Tiles is a student-centered, brain-based phonics instructional program that uses explicit daily lessons and hands-on-practice to help children become confident speller, readers, and writers. Teachers show children to “tap out” words and manipulate tiles to spell interactively. Students learn to segment words in a progressive order, decode words, learn word recognition skills, and become more fluent readers. Tapping Out With Tiles, works!


  • ZERO worksheets/workbooks
  • It is 100% hands-on!
  • All learning styles are targeted – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

Fun and Engaging for Students

Tapping Out with Tiles empowers learners!

  • Captivates students with hands-on activities
  • Works with children at all achievement levels
  • Provides foundational skills that will last a lifetime
  • Creates confident, enthusiastic learners

Designed By Teachers for Teachers

For years, phonics has been the missing link in reading education. Tapping Out With Tiles bridges the gap with the most comprehensive teaching methodology available today.

  • Comprehensive teacher training builds students’ skills and enthusiasm
  • Self-contained program includes complete lesson plans as well as materials needed to prepare for and teach each class
  • Built-in classroom management system simplifies preparation
  • Adaptable for small or large group settings
  • Promotes cross-curriculum learning which enhances instructional efficiency
  • Cross referenced with all educational standards; addresses literacy skills required by grade level and beyond
  • Customizable for differentiated instruction
  • Works with any reading program and designed for long-term use

Everyone Benefits

  • Students build strong skills and score well on assessment tests
  • Teachers deliver language skills with less time and effort
  • Administrators reap the rewards of higher test scores and improved school rankings